DAC offers a variety of classroom training courses at our local site (McAlester, OK) and at our Regional Training Sites. If the course is open for registration, you will see an availability link with a Point of Contact after clicking on the course number below.

To attend a DAC classroom training course you must be nominated by your command. If your command has access to the Army Training Requirements & Resources Sysssssstem (ATRRS), you must reserve a slot for the course in ATRRS.

Reporting Instructions: Click Reporting Instructions (PDF Format) for specific information about preparing for and reporting to classes conducted at McAlester, OK. If you do not receive reporting instructions for a specific course via email two weeks prior to the scheduled class start date, please contact 918-420-8489, DSN 956. Students scheduled for resident training at McAlester, OK, must acquire their own personal transportation and lodging accommodations; on-base lodging is not available. A non-availability statement is available upon request.

Protective measures regarding COVID-19:

In support of updated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines released 13 May 2021, subject to any applicable labor relations obligations, fully vaccinated DoD personnel (who are at least two weeks beyond their final dose) are no longer required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors at DoD facilities. All DoD personnel should continue to comply with CDC guidance regarding areas where masks should be worn, including within airports. Personnel who are not fully vaccinated should continue to follow applicable DoD mask guidance, including continuing to wear masks indoors. The Department will review and revise all applicable Force Health Protection guidance to address the new CDC guidelines. Students that have not been vaccinated must bring a mask (i.e. face covering). Mask will be worn as directed by MCAAP policy, the DAC Executive Director, and the DAC Director of training and must meet the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

See "How to Select, Wear, and Clean Your Mask" at the following link: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/about-face-coverings.html

Old Course NumberTRADOC Course NumberLong Title
AMMO-01 9E-F62/920-F30 Conventional Ammunition Orientation
AMMO-04 9E-F63/920-F31 Ammunition Demilitarization
AMMO-12 4E-F22/645-F9 (MC) Ammunition Storage
AMMO-14 4E-F31/645-F15 Ammunition Surveillance
AMMO-28 4E-F32/645-F16 (MC) Army Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT)
AMMO-29 4E-F34/645-F18 (MC) Navy Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT)
AMMO-33 9E-F65/920-F33 (MC) Explosives Safety and Environmental Risk Management (CERT)
AMMO-36 4E-F36/645-F20 (MC) Explosives Safety for Naval Facility Planning (CERT)
AMMO-38 4E-F66/645-F50 Guided Missiles and Large Rockets
AMMO-43 8A-F60/551-F52 (MC) Intermodal Dry Cargo Container/CSC Reinspection (CERT)
AMMO-47 4E-F37/645-F21 (MC) Air Force Electrical Explosive Safety (CERT)
AMMO-51-MV/RC 4E-F40/645-F24 (MC) Naval Motor Vehicle and Railcar Inspection (CERT)
AMMO-51-MV 4E-F41/645-F25 (MC) Naval Motor Vehicle Inspection (CERT)
AMMO-54 9E-F60/950-F39 Risk Management and Preparation of SOPs for Ammunition and Explosive Operations (CERT)
AMMO-60 4E-F23/645-F10 (MC) Technical Ammunition
AMMO-62 9E-F58/322-F37 (MC) Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials (CERT)
AMMO-65   DOD Contractor's Explosives Safety Standards
AMMO-74 4E-F48/645-F32 (MC) Explosives Safety Officer Orientation Course (CERT)
AMMO-82 4E-F24/431-F8 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Quantity Distance and Site Planning (CERT)
PACK-1B 8A-F61/551-F53 Military Preservation and Packaging for Storage and Shipment (Phase 2) ( CERT)